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Our Story

"My mother and I had a dream of building a specialty food business to create something truly unique and special. After over 20 years, this dream is still evolving, with the benefit of the wisdom and knowledge we have gained along the way. With renewed excitement at every turn and season, we remain focused on providing our customers with unique products that are as appealing to taste as they are to the eye. 

We owe it all to you, our customers. Every day we are grateful for the support and enthusiasm you bring. I want to make sure you know how much we truly appreciate your business."


Jennifer Finley

& her daughter Morgan

Aimee, Mother of Jennifer




The idea started as “one better than the animal cracker”. Our first packaging was hand painted die cut boxes created by Amie and Jennifer. At that point, we were getting our cookies baked by specialty co-pack bakery using our recipes. The cookies were delivered to our small facility, and we would put them in our fancy packaging for sale to small specialty stores nationwide.



Our company quickly became a seasonal phenomenon, especially during the Holiday season. We expanded into a wide variety of gift packaging and added an in-house designer so we could keep up with the demand. As is still true today, a lot of what makes our product special is all the hand touches.



We soon became 100% of our co-packer’s business. We had the decision to make: stay small, find a new co-packer, or branch out on our own with the purchase of cookie baking equipment. We chose to open our facility, and have been baking cookies ever since!



The Holidays are wonderful, but what do we do the rest of the year? We created new products to expand our business into more “everyday” cookies in tubs and boxes.



Today, we continue to challenge ourselves to make the best product on the market. We strive to create unique products, and new and innovative packaging. Our goal is to remain flexible and satisfy our customer’s needs: nothing is too big or too small.

Our Team


Too Good Gourmet is in the business of providing a little bit of happiness.
The company’s core value is continuous innovation in packaging and design. We constantly seek new and interesting flavors to entice our customers with the most up-to-date taste trends.



I received a box of Too Good Gourmet toffee shortbread cookies around Christmas and they were absolutely fresh and delicious! The package itself was beautifully decorated with expensive-looking ribbon and a removable glittery ornament to keep once the cookies were no more. (and they went fast) Now that I know about this Bay Area business, I will keep them in mind for future gift giving.

Rosanne C.

Berkeley , CA

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